This was actually posted on October 14, 2020. I moved it to between stories in the archive so as not to break up story flow.

Way back in Chapter 2, Cass explained that she shaved her head bald when she began her custom genetic treatment that changed the color of her hair and its growth rate. Here, we see her on the very evening this is being posted, trying in vain to find a babysitter for Flint so she doesn’t have to drag him to the fundraiser, which happens on Friday, October 16, 2020.

UTC uses the 2020 calendar year as its basis for when the events of each chapter take place. This helps me figure out how to pace out the days between chapters, figure out what day of the week a story would land on, track moon phases, the seasonal shift, and other things.

This worked out great when 2020 was a “near future.” But now we’re about to catch up to the timeline, and the comic’s world is clearly functioning much differently than the world we’re living in at the time I type this. Of course, the comic has always had anachronisms and scientific impossibilities that make it impossible to match up with the real world. The absence of a deadly global virus in the comic is another big difference to add to that list.

(I had planned to do a bunch of “This Day in UTC” posts this year, but one heartbreaking world calamity after another, I thought it would be in bad taste. “Hey, everybody, check out what’s going on right now in a parallel dimension that doesn’t super suck!” I’m making just this last image to mark the week that the series’ continuity begins.)