Happy New Year, everyone.

Unfortunately this year didn’t stay very happy for long. I really try to consider myself an optimist. (I was raised on Star Trek, after all.) But when news becomes scary, life becomes stressful, and sleep becomes scarce, it gets very hard to look beyond the bleak present.

I wasn’t fit to finish this week’s page, but I wanted to do something to work out how I’m feeling, and since most of my thoughts are with UTC these days, I thought about how Flint would look at the situation. On bad nights when I was young, I’d often imagine characters like Sonic or Captain Picard giving me an inspiring speech while I tried to settle into a peaceful sleep. I do it less these days, but still, sometimes. Over the years my own characters have been added to the rotation.

Flint’s words here are what I would imagine he’d say to me if he were real. This helped me a little. Maybe Flint will help someone else out there, too.

This comic is part vent art, part worldbuilding, and yeah, part apology. Chapter 12 will continue later this month. I’m eager to jump this hurdle and get back into the thick of it.

Take care.