This comic was actually posted on January 4, 2020. I moved it to between stories in the archive so as not to break up story flow.

The motivations behind this one were personal. I really try to consider myself an optimist. (I was raised on Star Trek, after all.) But there were a lot of bad and downright frightening news stories swirling around at the time, including the finalization of Brexit, the U.S. president dramatically ratcheting up tensions in the Middle East, and unprecedented fires in Australia. Life was becoming more stressful, and sleep scarce. It got very hard to look beyond the bleak present.

I wanted to do something to work out how I was feeling. I thought about how young and innocent Flint would look at the situation. On bad nights, when I was a kid, I’d often imagine characters like Sonic or Captain Picard giving me an inspiring speech while I tried to settle into a peaceful sleep. I do it less these days, but still, sometimes. Over the years my own characters have been added to the rotation. They’ve come to act as a mouthpiece for my conscience.

Flint’s words here are what I would imagine he’d say to me if he were real. This helped me a little. Maybe Flint will help someone else out there, too.

This comic is mostly vent art, but does a little worldbuilding, as it takes place less than 10 months before Flint’s life changes forever. We get to see a little more of the boy he was…which doesn’t seem that far off from the squirrel he becomes.