This is a feature I’ve been interested in for a couple of years. As we inch closer and closer to the time UTC takes place, I want to find opportunities to reference the time period and examine how the comic world sets itself up based upon our actual reality. (The proliferation of CRISPR has been fortuitous!)

For example, Flint has a poster for Avengers: Infinity War Part II on his bedroom wall. I drew that shortly after the movie was announced for 2019…but Marvel recently announced the movie will be retitled, so that actually ended up being a bad call on my part.

Anyway, I’ve been consciously avoiding directly addressing the year in the comic itself, and have been holding off on making it official in case I ever decided to change the year, but at this point the hints I’ve placed in the comic have set the fact in stone. UTC takes place in the year 2020.

So where are we right now? With the 2017 school year beginning, I realized that this is the year Cass and her classmates would begin their four-year stint at Attic High! So here we have a little news clipping about the school. It’s supposed to be a fresh, modern building with the latest technology, but it has to be at least old enough for Cass and co to actually use it, so here we are. Today is officially the students’ first day!

I was hoping to get this drawn up for last Tuesday, the official start of the school year here in my town, but of course stuff happened. I’ll attribute the delay in the comic universe to the construction needing a few extra days to get completed and get official approval for opening.

And if you’re wondering whether we will eventually catch up to the comic’s timeline, I am strongly hoping I can finish off Phase Three before we hit October 2020. UTC is supposed to take place in the “not-too-distant future,” and I have every intention of keeping it that way.