This is a four-page minicomic I made during the hiatus between Phases One and Two. I was transitioning the comic to a more traditional format and wanted to experiment with the new 11×17 drawing paper I would use for Phase Two. As such, I decided to try out a short story that was kicking around in my head. From this point on, the rest of the series would use this page format.

The story was inspired by the Dave Matthews Band song “Sister,” one of my favorites. Listening to it while Phase One was coming along, it made me think of Cass and Flint’s sibling relationship. I was inspired to tell a little story about how much they mean to each other.

This is the first page that I colored myself since page XLII. UTC became a one-man operation once again. I decided not to find a new colorist because I wanted to practice improving my coloring technique.