The layout for this page was inspired (more like outright stolen) from the preview pages featured in certain issues of the Booster Gold comic book (Volume 2, 2007-2011). Every six months for the first couple of years, that comic would run a full-page preview just like this one. They were fun teases, and they always (by design or by accident) included one panel that would never come to pass in the comic. I accidentally copied this aspect as well, since panel 3 here doesn’t actually happen (I did plan to include it at the time, but the script for that chapter ended up taking a different route).


Links to the pages teased in this preview. These will skip you ahead in the comic, so click carefully.

Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 3 (this scene was originally planned for “Terror of the Jackal,” but it didn’t appear in the final comic)

Panel 4