At first, Flint’s realization/admission was going to come during a scene on the cliff with Cass where his growling stomach would have been the spark that launched this monologue here. The more I pondered over it, the more it seemed to come across as Flint whining that he wanted to go home because he was starving. Sending him and Scurry off to get food opened up the possibilities for the monologue to truly come from a self-reflective place in his mind.

Changing the setting to get him away from the cliff also solved another problem I was having, which was to reasonably justify why Sinbad’s drones couldn’t find them by following Thirteen’s tracker. (This is why there’s a cave attached to that particular ledge. I originally thought to have them shelter inside the cave, out of the drone’s bird’s-eye view. But that still didn’t explain why the drone wouldn’t have noticed Thirteen or the wolves nearby.)

At the time I drew this page, it had been about five months since I had drawn any human characters in a proper UTC page, so it was unexpectedly difficult drawing Jen and Sin’s faces properly.

This page’s title calls back to pages LXXX, LXXXI and LXXXII, belatedly completing a quartet of titles focusing on each of the four main characters opening up about their vulnerable thoughts.