I designed a little profile icon for Katsuko’s phone, but it didn’t survive the page crop. Here is what it looks like.

It was surprisingly hard to decide which students to use for this page. There are plenty of them to choose from, among all the tertiary characters and the background extras with no names or lines. But it didn’t make sense to use students whose inventions or transformations would be useless or even hinder the search. Kestrel and the other reptilian students can’t help in this weather. I wanted Hugh and Lawrence to be part of the group by virtue of their close association with the main cast, even though their reality-warping inventions don’t cover this situation.

On the other hand, bringing in a background character whose experiment hasn’t been established yet, and conveniently showing it to be extremely helpful here, would require more exposition and pull too much focus. In the end, I stuck with characters that we know at least a little about and fleshed them out a tiny bit. Vincent even gets a name here. In his only other appearance (during “Class Warfare,” as mentioned in dialogue), I had just called him Student 46.

Chuck’s word balloon typeface matches everyone else’s for the first time since his transformation. He’s had enough time in this form to figure out how to talk clearly.

The page title is a reference to The Blues Brothers. At first, I was going to title this “Class Reunion,” then noticed this page has strong “getting the band back together” vibes fitting with the movie.