The notebook text in panel 4 reads:

11/2 – I sequenced a new reversal*
the mods from the first try*
*mpurities from versions 2 a*
*ly take a day to mature*
11/4-*serum yesterday. No change*

( * text is cut off or obscured)

For reference, the current date in the comic is December 12.

While Ash and Demetrius have critical roles in this chapter, the A plot is centered on Morty. To affirm this, I wanted to have at least one scene where we got to see him working alone. This paired perfectly with the internal conflict Ash has been going through, and Demetrius’ shift to the B plot, giving justifiable reasons to leave Morty alone for a little while.

This is the second time that scenes from two consecutive pages were first teased in a preview. (Link contains a minor spoiler.) The first happened with pages CXX and CXXI (which were previewed here). Neither case was intentional. The preview pages were drawn before I had finished the scripts for those chapters.