Rarely do I draw more than two scenes on a single page. When the scene switches multiple times, I try to constrain the panels for each scene into simple sections so that there is a natural “break” between the last panel of one scene and the first panel of the next. What also helps is using a clearly different color scheme for the backgrounds.

One thing about this page that blurred the boundaries a little is that Lloyd is present in both the first and second scenes. That’s where the background color change helped out a lot, and for good measure, I drew him from behind to focus attention on Morty and the clearly different background elements.

Ash’s remark about his previously hard-to-control arms is my way of admitting that I’ve neglected that character trait to the point where resurrecting it now would seem very out of place. (It’s been over 200 pages since the last time we saw it.) At the start of the series, I intended to make his rogue arms a running gag at least once every time Ash made an appearance. As the comic got more and more dramatic in Phase Two, I tried inserting a gag here or there, but it always felt forced.