I was completely finished drawing the pencils for this page when I remembered that Demetrius’ left arm is supposed to be in a cast. (Did you notice it’s not on the cover? That’s a “whoops.”) In the last panel, he was drawn with both his arms hooked under Noah’s arms. Instead of erasing most of the panel and figuring out a totally different way to stage it, I just redrew Noah slumping to one side. It’s a good thing I’ve been drawing Demetrius more and more buff! His one arm can hold a lot.

Ideally, Ash should be carrying Noah’s top half because with four arms, he can bear more weight, but it was compositionally easier to place him in the foreground because he’s shorter, and Demetrius is taller and would block more of the panel. Honestly I’m surprised I fit six people in that little box along with a huge spiky word balloon and not have it end up looking like they’re all shoved haphazardly into a closet.