This part went through many script revisions. Lots of things happen in quick succession and it’s very chaotic, in contrast to all the scenes in the chapter up to this point. There’s several “spaces” in this scene with different characters in different groups, shouting over each other about different things.

I couldn’t fit everything in, so Ash and Demetrius were cut out. They had the least to say and do. Ash was just reacting to Cass’ readings from the living room, so there was nothing he could say that we didn’t already know. Demetrius and Leon were meant to be seen sweeping in to help Morty with Noah, but there wasn’t room for additional panels and dialogue focusing on Noah’s sudden trouble.

All in all, I had to admit I couldn’t juggle everything. The final version of the page is streamlined for the best pacing and all the crucial emotional beats.

I realize the danger in invoking the title “Threshold,” which is the Star Trek: Voyager episode where Janeway and Paris infamously morphed into amphibian creatures. The title is not a reference to that episode. There are thresholds on this page of various literal and metaphorical natures, and characters are crossing them.