I would have liked to squeeze in a couple extra character beats with Ash and Morty, but I tossed them out of the script because there just wasn’t room on the page to do it. Plus, with the emergency, it made more sense to have the characters speak as briefly as possible.

This is the longest stretch in the series between when a scene was featured in a preview and its actual depiction in a chapter. (97 pages, not counting extra material.) That doesn’t mean the scene got delayed or anything. This is happening right when it was meant to. When I made the preview in 2015, none of “Double Date” was written, and I wasn’t confident in committing to any particular scene or line of dialogue, so I had to go further into the future to find something to tease. This scene was conceived very early on while developing Phase Three.

This page takes its title from its spiritual predecessor, page CLXXXIII.