The past two chapters, I’ve been tempted to slip the word “normal” into a lot of word balloons. It seems like it would be the most natural word to use for returning Cass, Flint and Noah to their human forms. But Cass would have certainly resisted the concept of “normal” fairly early in the series as she reluctantly settled into her new state and would have discouraged those close to her from using that term to describe the form she used to have. So I’ve just been carefully avoiding “normal” in dialogue to imply that, by now, all these characters know Cass doesn’t like the word.

Both times Cass has been seen on this stairway, she’s fallen over. To make this very clear: she’s very good at staircases. She’s part goat, after all! There were unique circumstances both times she fell: last time, she was in shoes that had poor traction on carpet. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about this time.