The title is a callback to page XLI, where Demetrius first revealed that Cass’ DNA was locked.

The first visual metaphor I tried out in the script was a roll-up window shade. That functions a little closer to Cass’ strategy here, because you have to pull out more of the shade before it will let you retract it. I switched it to a tape measure because it was a little clearer to depict. Otherwise the sheep would have had to be on the windowsill, or Cass would have taped a big drawing of a goat to the wall underneath it, or something like that. Plus, you don’t have to extend a shade ALL the way out to get it to retract, so it wasn’t a perfect metaphor anyway.

All of the text on the tape measure is a reference to Unfamiliar Reflection. Emri is the name of the main character; the comic turned 20 the year this page was made; and the comic’s universe is officially called “The Re<Verse.” I decided to go whole hog with the references because I was too busy with UTC to make anything to commemorate UR’s milestone year.