Jen could star in her own spinoff series and it would probably still involve too much plot for one comic. I normally resist dropping so much exposition all at once. A lot of things happen off-panel and between chapters that haven’t been mentioned in the script yet, because there hasn’t been a story-relevant reason to bring them up, and any casual remark about them in a conversation would come off as an awkward non sequitur. Here, it’s kind of borderline. It’s important to know Jen’s perspective from a plot standpoint, and it’s also a reminder that there’s still unaddressed fallout that we aren’t getting to yet, but it’s simmering on the back burner until it’s time to take the focus for a story.

Incidentally, while drawing Chapters 13 and 14 I was binge-watching Babylon 5 for the first time and, wow, that series knows how to juggle plotlines. Unfortunately, that means almost every episode has at least one exposition dump near the start, and as much as the writers try to couch it into natural conversation, it’s always extremely obvious. Yet, without the constant reminders, viewers only watching one episode a week for 5 years would probably have been very confused. That was at the front of my mind while writing this living room scene.