The only reason I chose Star Trek Beyond for the Calloways’ movie night was to reference the comic strip I drew to review the movie, where Flint was shown to have taken a strong liking to the “Sabotage” finale sequence. I wasn’t expecting the movie’s dialogue leading up to that scene to fit so well with this page. When watching the scene to find spoken lines to pull out, the choices for panels 5 and 8 were obvious.

At first, I was unsure if I should directly use any material from an actual movie in the comic. I’ve referenced titles before, but until now, I haven’t lifted actual content like visuals or lines. I felt that the DVD cover on page CCLXXV was pushing it. But I finally decided to risk stepping over the line here, because without the dialogue coming in from off-panel, the page feels like they’re just sitting on the couch eating popcorn in silence.