I’m quite happy this scenario enabled me to draw close-up panels of Cass’ beard-tie and her custom-made hoof shoes without them seeming like gratuitous shots. These are the little details that I enjoy coming up with when dressing anthro characters.

Other details are more aggravating than fun, though. At this point in producing the series, I had yet to come up with a complete layout of the first floor of the Calloways’ house. It was this page that spurred me to finalize the floor plan. I had a rough time figuring out the backgrounds in panels 5, 6 and 7. The space where you see the door in panel 5 and the window and bench in panel 7 were digitally redrawn from the original scan after I rejiggered the layout of the front hallway.

And as far as the outdoor background, I cheated and used vague, flat colors to hint at the existence of a front porch. This page had already gotten complicated enough, and that particular background didn’t feel nearly as crucial to the scene.