The entire basis for this story came from a plot point that was dropped as quickly as it came up, back in “It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big World.” Just before the shrinking mishap derailed the scene, Billie found out why Morty chose this particular species for Cass. I meant to circle back to that at the end of the chapter, but with everything else packed into that story, it just never happened. I kept the idea on the side for whenever the time was right to explore Billie’s misplaced guilt.

Doing the flashback seemed tricky at first, because I would have been forced to show Cass with her natural hair color. I’ve vowed to never reveal her original hair color, so how could I depict the beach scene? Sepia tone!

Though it’s kind of weird looking at a sepia-tone flashback that shows something that happened in the 21st century.