The parallel between these events and Cass visiting Morty in “Mutation Fluxuation” inspired me to directly reference the original scene with a redraw of the entrance hall from the same angle featured on Page XLV. It also gave me a chance to rectify a mistake I made in the original establishing shot. The upper level of the entrance hall had no railings on the sides. That bothered me for 12 years, and is the only thing I can think about whenever I look back on that page. Now they’re finally “installed,” along with some other details to help enhance the character of the mansion.

The last three panels weren’t in the script, which called for dialogue in every panel. I added them while sketching the layouts and bumped the original panels to the next page. Usually I only lay out a single page at a time, but for this script, I sketched all eight pages at once to make sure the pacing was consistent. (I didn’t want to be stuck in a situation where I’d have to cram 12 panels into the last page because I ran out of room.) Some awkward silence seemed appropriate for the beginning of the study scene, so this idea where Billie scans the room came to mind.

I’ve learned to look for opportunities to tell a story through visuals alone. Making room for a silent moment in a script with so much talking can have a big improvement on the whole piece.