Writing for Cass and Flint’s parents has always been hard. I never exactly decided what their feelings are about their kids’ transformations. I flip-flopped on whether Billie was okay with it and Leon didn’t like it, and vice versa, and maybe they both feel the same way…but which way? So this time I focused on having a firm stance for the both of them so I can write them more consistently from now on. (Not to mention write them with more depth; we’ve barely gotten to know them so far.)

The large tree on the right side of panel 4 is twisted to resemble Morty’s hair streak. I just wanted it to look old and gnarled, but as I sketched it, it looked very close to the streak, so when I realized that, I redrew it to make the shape prominent.

This lab room in Montovarius Manor is the same one seen in “Mutation Fluxuation.” Keeping with the experimentation I’ve done with environment coloring this chapter, I gave it a new atmosphere thanks to some key lights on the walls that weren’t in page L. I’m not against redesigning an established setting if it ends up looking better.

It is not a coincidence that Morty requests reading Chapter 12 of the book and that this is Chapter 12 of the comic.

The book’s author is a reference to two other transformation-themed-comic creators, Kory Bing (Skin Deep) and Dan Shive (El Goonish Shive).