This is the last act of “The Mother Trilogy,” but it was actually the first one I wrote, and is the first idea that I had when working up this series of vignettes. I wrote this early in 2015, before I finished drawing all of Chapter 10. The script has been mostly the same since then. The first two pages had the heaviest rewrites but the overall theme is preserved from the first draft—the family’s adjustment. This story set the bar that I then attempted to meet with the Jen and Katsuko stories.

Skip this paragraph if you don’t care about technicalities. This chapter has been so long in development that there’s a wacky ordering situation. Looking at all three stories together, I felt that Billie’s was best saved for last. But because this was the first script that was finalized, I started drawing these pages first. That’s why you might have noticed the production numbers are out of order in this chapter. These pages weren’t actually finished until weeks or days before release, however.

I’ve long danced around what’s going on with Flint’s clothing situation. For this page, I just needed Billie and Flint to argue about something related to his transformation. This seemed the perfect time to put a final stamp on whether Flint will wear people clothes again. Fur! It’s got you covered.