Having moved so quickly through the action, this page had to make up a lot of expository ground. As much as I tried to keep this story simple, the actions of the characters over the past few pages needed to be explained, and Katsuko had to reveal what happened with Cammy and her DNA.

In fact, there was so much to cover, I didn’t actually address everything in the original draft. A friend read the early access version of this page and brought some things to my attention, and helped me realize that some plot points that were obvious to me weren’t so obvious to anyone else. I added some more dialogue to clear things up, and refined some of the more vague and out-of-character lines for good measure before uploading here.

All in all, I’m happy with how much I managed to do in just six pages. It got tight, but I learned some important lessons on the writing front.

About the distance traveled: I looked up how far a bear could sprint before making this page and it is way, way under a mile and a half. They went as far as Katsuko could carry them and then hopped off to walk under their own pace, not stopping until they were well clear of the military.