Oddly enough, the design for Simon Attic (Jen and Sinbad’s oldest offspring and full-fledged adult) was cobbled together at the last minute despite my intentions to show him in the comic almost from the beginning. I didn’t have any actual plans for him or anything, but I had come up with names for three kids and I wanted to make their existences canon within the storyline even if they got little screen time. That’s why I decided to name the genetics/physics building of the school Simon T. Attic Hall, to establish the character in at least some small way. But as for what I wanted him to look like? I had no clue. But I figured at least one of Jen’s kids needed to inherit her raven black hair, so that choice, at least, was easy.

This chapter is split into three unrelated side stories. I got the inspiration to take the comic onto a side path for a bit back in 2014 or early 2015, just as I was starting the “Class Warfare” arc. A friend and longtime fan told me that he stopped reading the comic because the storylines were getting too intense and the constant changes to the status quo (what status quo, really?) made it hard to understand who the characters, themselves, were.

I couldn’t help but agree, but I didn’t want to stall the comic by spending a handful of entire chapters establishing stuff that I should have established at the beginning of the series, and playing catch-up to where each person is at right now in their arcs. But this was really important regardless. So to compromise, I ended up splitting one chapter’s worth of pages into three short adventures.

The original intent was to concentrate on the main cast, but as I started coming up with ideas, I thought it would be better at this stage to look at some characters we either don’t see an awful lot of, or who have gone through the most significant recent changes. Jen was a shoe-in, since she’s just changed, and this little window into her new daily life was a fun and constructive way to show her current perspective (and play around with the consequences of her age regression, of course).