The last time Leon and Noah had a chance to talk about Noah’s guilt was back on page CCVII.

With all the ups and downs I’ve faced putting this chapter together, I couldn’t resist adding a parting shot at how long it all took. It’s corny and done to death, but… okay, it’s corny and done to death. I have no good justification for it.

The use of the “Next” box isn’t exactly a joke, because that IS the title of the next chapter. But when it dawned on me that this “trilogy” was immediately following a huge two-parter, I realized I had the perfect setup for a joke. Noah’s last word balloon originally stopped at “This day’s gone on forever.” Just a little lampshade-hanging. I worked in the extra sentence and changed the standard “The End” box into the expanded joke we have now. And some of you probably think it’s not funny now that I’ve explained the whole thing.