I am not a fan of endings where villains are outright forgiven if they show they are sorry or perform a good deed after doing something bad. But I also believe in redemption, and I believe in heroes not always being right. The entire “falling action” part of this story arc (which starts after Flint breaks the ray), I attempted to juggle all of the consequences and explored grey territory between what was absolutely right and absolutely wrong. I looked at what mistakes may have been made, even mistakes with good intentions, like Jen’s use of school resources and implementing her ethical code. I think I could have done better dealing with all the issues, but there was so much to touch on and I really needed to wrap this story up.

What I think we have here are a lot of ideas and proposals placed on the table, but not many messages. I realized that I don’t really have A message after all of this. I just have ideas, emotions and reflections on all of the themes touched on in this storyline. All of which are laid out over the course of these past few pages. You’re welcome to take from them what you will. If a lot of this rings hollow…well, that’s valid, too.