In the days when “Class Warfare” was getting started (four and a half years before the date this page was posted!) I wasn’t sure how exactly to characterize Ken. I realized UTC had an unfortunate pattern of using straight-up sociopaths as villains, so I wanted to give Ken a character trait Morty and Argo didn’t have; something that also worked within the context of the story about pitting the class against itself.

This is one case where the years-long production schedule for this arc actually worked to the story’s benefit. I used Twitter regularly throughout this time, and there are no shortage of angry, entitled white men on there who generously offer fantastic examples of how to be an absolutely garbage human being. By this point, I was writing Ken almost entirely based on tweets from so-called edgelords. (If you’re not familiar with that term, you will have to look it up. Having to think about edgelords for too long makes me sad.)

When writing Part I, I intended for Kestrel to be in lockstep with Ken the entire story. But the further I got into making Part II, the less pleased I was with the villains’ side of the story. Drawing the page where Kestrel sends Demetrius falling was the moment I decided to push her in the other direction. I think that was one of the best course corrections I made out of all the rewrites. This page definitely wouldn’t have existed without it.

Ash’s extra arms are tucked inside his coat. He didn’t poke holes in the jacket like he did with all his other clothes because that would have defeated the purpose of it being a coat.