While plotting out the falling action for the end of this chapter, I made a list of all the important points that needed to be established and shown. Where were certain people? What is the next step for their character arc? What questions haven’t been answered yet? It ended up being a lengthy list.

This page (a small time skip) was supposed to start with the establishing shot of the military set up on campus, but on reviewing my list, one of the questions I needed to answer was “Are all the adults okay?” I quickly threw the scene with Sin together as an indirect way of showing everyone who was put to sleep was waking up. We needed to get his take on Jen’s age regression at some point, anyway, so this ended up being a nice little scene.

The hallucination of young Keris was the last idea to make it into this page. I find that amusing because it feels like a gimmick I would have come up with first, then built a scene around.