If I had more space in this chapter, we would have seen Mike and Ainsley in their own subplot, involving the way Flint behaves around them and Mike’s bid for the council seat. Ultimately, I could only bring them back into the story toward the end.

Because parts of this subplot were inspired by my high school experiences, Flint’s junior high looks a lot like the one I went to.

I had named the black-haired kid back on page CLXXIII. Mike calls him Kyle. That was done at the very last minute (while I was making the word balloons) and was not in the actual script, and I never went back to add it TO the script. By the time I got to this page, I had completely forgotten he already had a name, so I named him James.* I failed to fix this mistake before the comic was printed, so his character officially has two first names: Kyle James.

* I named him James because, if this comic ever had a character named after me, he should be someone with qualities opposite mine. After years of self-inserting my own character into comics, I figured it was about time to turn that on its head.