What bothers me the most about this page is that I never thought to draw a fifth finger dangling from Noah’s gloves. Did he just cut it off? But we don’t see a hole. He couldn’t have special ordered four-fingered surgical gloves. In the future, whenever I would draw latex gloves on Noah, they would show a hole where the fifth finger was cut off.

UTC exists first and foremost as a love letter to transformation subculture, and because of that I’m determined to work in as many TF tropes as possible, wherever possible. This scene required a big and humorous (and brief) crisis aftermath, and so I chose a weight TF for readers who like those. I don’t see myself writing an entire story around weight gain, so it was the least I could have done to include something like this in the series.

I chose Morty as the victim because I think we can all agree it was about time he got his just desserts. (I will not apologize for that pun.)