This page’s title is a reference to the film series The Fast and the Furious. I had once considered using the title for the chapter itself, but I felt the joke was too cheap, especially as Phase Two already had its share of movie-title-inspired chapter names.

This chapter draws from my own experiences as a kid who stuck out awkwardly in school and how poorly I handled my enormously delicate social position. Panel 4 was inspired by an incident where I embarrassed myself in front of my best friend and some friends of his and, according to high school rules, made him look bad by association. (Which I didn’t even understand at the time, as Flint doesn’t here.)

Rameses was originally going to already be half-cheetah for the entire first half of this chapter, but I rewrote it to give him a gradual, visible transformation as a treat for readers.

Panel 4 shows a fire drill evacuation. I didn’t include a sound effect for the alarms because the panel was already cluttered. Hopefully it still reads as intended.