This page is named after I Was a Teenage Werewolf, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, and any other horror movies named I Was a Teenage ____ . The original title of this page was “It Conquered the Jackal,” until I found out the movie It Conquered the World is classified as sci-fi, not horror.

Jack – The Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride)
Jack’s friends – Inigo Montoya and Fezzic (The Princess Bride)
Cass – a Lina Inverse/Draenei hybrid (The Slayers/World of Warcraft)
Flint – Simon (Gurren Lagann)
Noah – Indiana Jones
Morty – Dr. Strangelove
Thirteen – Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)
Scurry – Boota (Gurren Lagann)
Haim – Death Lantern (The Underburbs)
Kevin – Goth Mummy (The Underburbs)
Girl with Haim and Kevin – Demonique (The Underburbs)
Mr. and Mrs. Sonar – characters from a Babylon 5-ish tv show
Jackals – Sam Axe (Burn Notice); Waldo (Where’s Waldo?); a burglar
Mother and Child running from Jackals – a witch and a ballerina
Dude Dressed as a Clown – a clown
Police Officers – they aren’t in costume, they actually are police officers