The surprise party for Flint was first written for the end of “I, Abomination.” Originally the parents were going to come straight home from the airport and Cass hadn’t told them about their transformations yet. Flint had been giving her flak for keeping him inside their house all week, and Cass realized that her brother needed to be with his friends again. She invited them all over after the Argo situation ended. The parents then arrived at home after the party, finding Cass, Flint, Noah, Morty and Jen waiting for them, and everybody explained what had been going on.

That ending didn’t seem like the natural way to deal with the dynamics between Cass/Flint and Cass/Parents, so it was thrown out. I really liked having some closure for Flint’s “grounding,” though, and this party felt like a better way to go after Flint’s first flight and first personal victory at Attic High.

This is the first chapter where the events of the story span across more than one day. A very common method I had used in stories for a long time was to depict the events of a single day. The plot was always resolved before the next morning. That method was hardly ever deliberate. (Except in Seven to Seven.) It’s just what came most naturally. Later chapters in this series helped knock me out of that mode of writing.