I can’t believe I fit all those word balloons in there. This page was ridiculous to lay out.

In the first draft of this page, the students were unanimously against Argo, but as the earlier pages were coming out, I saw some readers react to Dr. Mitchell’s transformation by taking Argo’s point of view. That inspired me to mix in some students who supported his idea. That’s why there is so much crammed into this page. A lot of new dialogue had to be added.

This is Katsuko’s first chapter as a member of the secondary cast. Her character’s name is spoken for the first time here. I previously referred to her as “Student Eight” in the script for “Day of the Dork.”

Cass is using a different phone than the one in Chapter 4. As real time marched on during the making of UTC, having characters use flip-up phones became anachronistic. Plus, a smart phone has a screen that’s much easier to visualize for story purposes. As of yet, I have no in-universe explanation for why she’d use two different phones over the course of one week.