The original version of this page was distinctly lacking in shed fur and showed Keris with much more skin, and leaving her unwittingly exposed to her classmates. Jen was in a similar state, though it was less visible in the panels. Further, Josh pointed out to me that the comment I originally wrote for Morty in the final panel (as a “punchline”) was body shaming–disgusting and cold, even for him.

After this page went live, a friend suggested that I could have had all of Keris’ fur shed into a huge pile and she’d be covered up in the middle of it. I’m ashamed to admit that, for 11 years, I hesitated to go ahead with the modification even though I liked the idea. I always worry about developing “George Lucas Syndrome.” If I started drastically altering old pages, I might not be able to stop. Where would I draw the line? Well, the correct answer that was eventually impressed upon me is that if the change removes offensive material from the comic, then it should be done. And so, as of October 2020, now it is.

I’m sorry that I ever included this offensive material to begin with, and especially that I kept it in the comic for so long after being told it was wrong. I’m sorry for the hurt I caused to anyone who read the original page.

Along with those important modifications, I made a change to the text in panel 5 which clarified a bit of continuity that would become relevant in Phase Two. Noah originally said that the ray gun could now change anyone back and forth into a giant poodle. That didn’t reflect the direction this plot point ultimately took, and I also wanted to clarify that Marlene (Keris’ dog) was still “intact” in some way within Keris’ genes.