I had originally drawn a completely different page for this. Cass was going to enter the room first, seeing Noah standing in a harsh shadow cast by a lab light shining on Keris’ unconscious body. Cass timidly introduced herself in her new body, then suddenly get cold feet (hooves?) and backed away.

Midway through working on the page, I decided to rewrite the second half of this chapter. Other obligations got in the way and I was forced to delay UTC for a couple of months. Upon returning to production, the page no longer fit the revised story, and so a new page (numbered 064A) was made to replace it. The original page became the first and so far only strip/page of the series to be thrown out at such an advanced stage of production.

(The deleted page itself was eventually released as an extra feature in the UTC Volume 1 trade paperback.)

The teddy bear in the pile of broken inventions and equipment is a callback to a science project seen on page XIII, as well as an attempt to foreshadow an upcoming chapter that never ended up getting made which would have featured teddy bears as the central threat. That story would have closed out Phase One. Rewrites to “Day of the Dork” led to me throwing that other chapter out. (More on this in the commentary for upcoming pages.)