This page shows the first use of inner monologue in UTC. In all of my comics, I try to use it sparingly, but in this particular instance I felt it was important to reveal her exact mindset going into the meeting with Jen and Morty.

The building is named after Jen and Sin’s unseen eldest son, Simon. This is the first indication of him in the series.

I had this page’s title in mind for a while, and finally here came a scene it would work with. The original concept for this page was for Cass to bust through the doors defiantly, attracting the attention of everyone nearby, and shout “Get your gawking out now, people! I’ve got an important meeting!” But when I considered having Sin’s camera crew involved, I decided to reverse her plan and try for an inconspicuous entrance, only to have it backfire instantly.

Ash’s arm count has increased from 3 to 4.

This is the first appearance of Simon T. Attic Hall, which is the building that houses the genetics and physics labs and classrooms, and school administration.