Like page I and page XXIX, this page starts the chapter off with a main character silhouetted in bed.

At this point I was struggling to keep UTC on schedule. I took a month-long break, during which I formed a creative partnership with my friend Josh. We both had comics in the works at the time, and we kept ourselves fresh by trading art chores. I inked his comic while he colored mine. Josh colored the rest of the pages in Phase One.

Starting with this page, I changed the official name from Urgent Transformation Crisis to UTC, re-appropriating “Urgent Transformation Crisis” as a subtitle. I created a new, stylized three-letter logo, which is displayed at the bottom of the page.

From here on, the word balloons have more appealing curved pointers.

The page dress (credits, title, etc.) was changed dramatically. The border at the top was removed in favor of a black stub at the very bottom containing all the page information. Because UTC became a two-man operation, story, art and coloring credits were added.