Cass is wearing a coat in this strip because there were a few strips planned to occur before this one which showed Cass in her lab testing genetic samples while Flint bothered her with squirrel antics. Those strips got cut after this strip was made, and since I drew these strips out of order, the coat became an artifact that would have taken a lot of work to edit out of the pre-made strips.

Cass’ lab coat should, for all intents and purposes, be white. However, her white-and-gray character model desperately needed livening up, so I gave her a Beverly Crusher-colored lab coat. (This is one of the more subtle Star Trek references in UTC.) I gave the coat pockets and a collar, which Crusher’s coat didn’t have. Later appearances of the coat show it without decoration, to make it look more like Cusher’s. (Which is why the previous page, drawn after this one, shows a simpler version of the coat.) I’m really not sure why I didn’t go back to this page and erase the pockets and collar before it went live. That would have been easier than totally redrawing her clothing.

In Star Trek, Captain Christopher Pike is paralyzed and confined to a 23rd-century wheelchair. His only method of communication is a device that beeps once for “yes,” twice for “no.”

A variation of this joke was done on Seinfeld. This is not an attempt to reference that joke.

Although he appears in “Changing Times at Attic High,” this was the first time I drew Demetrius in the series.