Readers are robbed of a drawn-out transformation sequence, as the comic jumps several hours ahead from the end of the first chapter. I fought with myself over depicting their changes while they slept. (Flint would try to stay awake but the changes are happening so slowly he’d eventually nod off.) For the sake surprise, I ultimately decided to skip right to the reveal.

This was the very first strip of the series to be made. I wanted to pin down the aspects of Cass’ goat character design, and also to determine a comfortable format and style for the strip that would work for both comedic and dramatic effect. This was planned to be the first dramatic scene in the series. (After creating this strip, I ended up expanding the introductory scenes into a whole chapter, which ended up being much more dramatic than this.)

The pacing of this scene inspired the way UTC would be introduced to readers, as I duplicated it for the very first strip in the series, (that was drawn right after I made this one). Both show silhouettes of a main character in bed and end on a reveal of what they look like. However, where Flint’s was just a tease, this strip really does feature the end result of a transformation.

The Turtles on a Kayak poster was just a cheap gag, but ended up starting a trend where names of pop-culture movies/shows/sports teams from the real world that contained animal words had those words replaced with a different animal. (In this case, the poster references Snakes on a Plane.)

This strip marks the beginning of my first ongoing comic to be made in full color. Coloring added an enormous amount of time to the production cycle, but I learned a lot about color theory in the process, and I feel even these early chapters came out looking decent. (Color theory was my worst subject in art school.)

When this strip was made, I hadn’t yet decided to break the story into “chapters.” As production went on and the early plotlines were being formed, I decided to subdivide the series into stories that contained a natural beginning, middle, and end. I then chose this strip to begin the second chapter, since it comes after the falling action of the fundraiser events and kick-starts the first major conflict of the series.

This strip had two working titles. The first was “The Worst Part of Waking Up,” a reference to the slogan of Folgers coffee. That reference didn’t seem to gel with this strip, so I started from scratch and came up with “Get Your Freak Out.” Some time later, I thought that would work better as the overall title for Chapter 2, so, running on fumes at that point, I gave this strip the title “The New You.”