In panel 1, Thirteen was originally going to be in Flint’s place and shout “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” I changed this at the last minute and gave Flint a line instead because I didn’t want to make Thirteen out to be a total dimwit. (She’s actually quite studied.) The problem this later created was that I had dated the comic the same way that I dated it with the Battlestar Galactica reference in strip III. Heroes was only around for a few years, and became less and less popular as it went on. Eventually I decided to set UTC in the near future, not the present day, so the reference was doubly unwise. (As I write this in 2014 there’s talk about bringing Heroes back to tv, but even if this does happen, I doubt the show will be running in the year UTC takes place.)

This is the first page to feature every main and secondary character of Phase One.