It’s not explained how Keris’ dress managed to stay mostly intact despite her mammoth size. At the time I was concerned about allowing “furry nudity”, the use of fur to cover up body parts on an animal character that are otherwise bare.

The other thing I was unsure about at this stage was how many panels to devote to her transformation sequence. My instinct was to go all-out and have a full page of shots of her various body parts transitioning to dog form, and her body growing larger. In the interest of balance between indulgent TF and plot progression, I did just enough panels to get the point across, with the intention of slowly, over the course of the series, making TF scenes longer and more elaborate as the general audience got used to the premise. It didn’t quite end up going that route, but I do have more confidence these days, and when a sequence feels like it should be drawn out I won’t have any reservations about going further into detailed TFs.