In its earliest form, the series had a strict joke-a-day comedy format. I figured it was the best way to embrace the absurdity that was planned to unfold. The full name of Attic High was one of the ways I poked fun at my own ideas. It was my way of saying to readers “We’re all here to have fun with a ridiculous story, let’s not take ourselves too seriously.”

(I proceeded to spend the majority of the series taking it too seriously.)

Art deco was chosen as the chief style of all of the school’s buildings because it reflects elegance in simplicity for a modern era. Also, because I love art deco.

Trivia Minutia X-Treme: This strip is numbered “IIII” as opposed to the formal “IV” Roman numeral for two reasons:
1 – Analog clocks typically use “IIII” for aesthetic purposes and I have an affinity for antique clocks.
2 – In Roman times, it was considered bad luck to use “IV” because these were the first two letters in the name of the god Jupiter. (Ancient Latin had no letter “J” nor “U”.)