Flint is having a little fun fantasizing about suffering a fate similar to the main character of Franz Kafka’s short story, “Metamorphosis”.

The first line that Flint speaks is a reference to the first line in Unfamiliar Reflection, UTC’s spiritual predecessor.
(The main character in that series was also unwittingly transformed.)

UTC’s strips and pages are numbered using Roman numerals because of my organizational habits. There are many different computer files that make up each strip and page of UTC, and they all need to be numbered identically for easy identification. During the comic’s first year, I produced the strips out of continuity order, and I didn’t know at first exactly where each strip would fall into place. I had to number the comics somehow, so I assigned each one a “production code” in the order in which I made them. (ex: “UTC002” means it is the second comic created, not the second in story order.)

To prevent myself from getting mixed up with two identical sets of numbers, I decided to use Roman numerals when numbering the comics in chronological order. (After Phase One the production and chronological numbers almost always synced up with one another, but I kept using the Roman numerals out of tradition.)

The reason the comics were made out of order in the first place was because I wanted to work out how certain scenes would go. I was also concerned about the very first dozen strips being of poorer quality than strips I would make once I got used to drawing the characters. I thought that a “staggered” approach would hide the quality differences. In hindsight, this was self-defeating, as I eventually changed the format of the comic from a block of six panels to a full page with varying panel sizes. This is why the strips/pages for Chapters 1 and 2 vary in size seemingly at random.