Update in 2021:

The full 16-page “Let Your Hair Down” comic was posted to this site in 2015. It has been removed and is now packaged as the main story in Flux Visage #1, in higher resolution than what it was on here. And it comes with a few other goodies as well!

The issue is available as a pay-what-you-want download on itch.io. Future issues of Flux Visage will be coming eventually, and those will have brand new comics made exclusively for the series.

You can download it here, or view the listing on itch.io for more details.


Original post from 2015:

Long-time readers might remember this comic appearing on the old ComicGenesis website back in 2012 shortly after “It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big World” ended. It was in black and white, and I didn’t end up finishing it that year, but I’ve been plugging away at it little by little. Now it’s done! To make it more worth the wait, I hired a friend to color the whole thing.

This story came about when I was brainstorming transformation-themed concepts that couldn’t fit into the UTC universe. I’m hoping to develop more such short stories into an anthology series titled Flux Visage. If I can find the time, I’d like to make more of these eventually.

This will run through the month of October, and will conclude just before UTC Phase Three kicks off on Halloween. It will be a temporary feature on this site, but the comic will be archived at my deviantArt gallery, and eventually in its own section on Catomix.