This chapter was written by a friend, Jeff Walter. I was so busy trying to finish Chapter 7 before Halloween that I didn’t have any time to develop a story for Chapter 8. Jeff had written some great stories with transformation themes, and so I asked him if he’d be interested in writing for UTC. He pitched me a few ideas, and one of them was about Keris. I didn’t have a lot of plans for her in Phase Two, but I came around to Jeff’s plan for her very easily. As he described it, all of the other characters from Phase One had gotten better development over the years, except for Keris, and she deserved some too.

When designing this cover, I took a look at the other covers in Phase Two and I brainstormed a composition and color scheme that would set this apart. The story is a little different from what we’ve had so far, and I wanted to apply those differences in a visual way. Case in point, the use of white negative space and pastel colors. I even changed the color of the Catomix box, which I hadn’t done before.