This is one of those offbeat covers akin to the B-movie poster for Chapter 7. For thematic purposes, I wanted a cover that represented the plot of this chapter while at the same time striking a lighter tone than the subject matter would imply. (The series is deep into a dark period and I’m taking care to keep the overall mood balanced.) The “Golden Age” comic book aesthetic seemed to fit here. I took advantage of Clip Studio Paint’s simple halftone tool and futzed around with adding imperfections to the color fill and richness of the black lineart.

Update 5/14/2023: On a lark, I added artificial distressing and damage using some CSP brushes to push the aged look even further. It started as just an experiment to see if I could do a decent job, and I really liked how it came out.

The janky character proportions and hands were not done on purpose to go along with the style. I’m still just bad at drawing those.