It felt like a good time to draw a good old-fashioned group pinup. I decided to eschew a cover that had anything to do with the story or symbolism and just have fun with it.

Maybe I was in a celebratory mood because UTC is the first comic series I’ve made to reach a 14th issue in 25 years, and the first of all the ones since I started making comics for a wide audience. Unfamiliar Reflection was the first of those and clocked in at 13 issues (12 regular + 1 special).

Figuring out the composition was tricky. Flint is less than half the size of everyone else, so a tight frame would leave him out if he wasn’t on someone’s shoulders or doing something wacky. They were almost arranged like they were taking a “selfie” but after sketching a couple of iterations, I wasn’t keen on how it was turning out. The idea for the double-arm hug, and then Flint hanging off Cass’ beard, came after that.