The cover for this chapter needed to sell the promise of action without giving a lot of details away. I also wanted to avoid making a huge amount of work for myself and not draw twenty people fighting each other. So the idea of showing a weakened Dr. Attic looking on while framed by shadows of the confrontation was easy to work out.

The crack in the wall was the final addition to the image. It felt like a great way of adding metaphor to the conflict (it splits the warring students down the battle line) and acting as subtle foreshadowing for multiple plot points.

The Catomix trade dress was reduced to the bare minimum a comic cover needs: the company name and the issue number. I’m a traditionalist. I prefer the classic boxes that contain all the issue info. But as I’ve been incrementally removing info from the boxes (there used to be a date of publication, and also a price–both of which are pointless on the internet) it seemed a modern minimalist approach was the better way to go.