Here we go again! The old continuity calendar has been updated with all of the events from Phase Three.

The short stories marked by stars are (with the exception of “Sister”) included as bonus material in the trade paperback collections UTC Vol. 2 and UTC Vol. 3. At the time of this posting, Vol. 2 is available as a physical book and an ebook. Vol. 3 is coming soon; I hope to announce a release date next week.

Fun little fact: Because Chapters 13-16 were made after their real-world dates had passed, I used actual weather data from the northern American Midwest to plot the specific days when some of the action would take place. This led to a few significant story enhancements. (I wanted the search for Cass and Flint to happen after a fresh snowfall and during Hanukkah, and snow did actually fall on the evening of December 11 in parts of the Midwest. Seeing as that lined up with the weekend, it enabled me to include the Attic family’s observance of Shabbat into Jen’s story arc.)

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