Main Characters


Senior at Attic High and unwitting half-goat mutant. She naturally feels like an outsider, even before her transformation. She changes her hairstyle daily; her hair grows rapidly because, prior to her transformation, she was experimenting with a gene therapy that would allow a person to quickly modify their hair length and color. She is dating Noah.

Comics: 202
Recent Appearance: CCLXXXIV: So Tart
First Appearance: I: Metamorpho-psych


Junior high schooler and brother to Cass. He's as adventurous as he is imaginative, and acts a little young for his age. After being turned halfway into a flying squirrel, Flint schemed to push his mutation further in order to have the proper form to glide.

Comics: 143
Recent Appearance: CCLXXXIV: So Tart
First Appearance: I: Metamorpho-psych


Senior at Attic High and son of the world's greatest living geneticist. He turned Cass and Flint into half-animal mutants in an attempt to win Attic High's genetics competition, although the plan didn't have the outcome he expected. He's since owned up to the consequences and promised to help them change back.

Comics: 130
Recent Appearance: CCLXXIV: Your Face
First Appearance: VIII: Enter the Arch-Nemesis


Senior at Attic High who specializes in taking big leaps without thinking ahead and making dramatic entrances. His imperfect genetic formula is gradually turning him into a salamander. He is dating Cass.

Comics: 105
Recent Appearance: CCLXXXIV: So Tart
First Appearance: XX: Flint Loves His Sci-Fi

Secondary Characters


Four-armed senior at Attic High. His genetics studies lead him to discover a way to make any body transplant compatible with the new host...although it's not without its quirks. He's aggressively loyal to his friends and easy to set off if the right buttons are pushed. He is dating Demetrius.

Comics: 72
Recent Appearance: CCLXXXIV: So Tart
First Appearance: VI: Arm Opposition


Possibly the smartest senior at Attic High, he's designed and grown a multitude of little creatures for the purposes of aiding military operations. He has a language impediment that prevents him from forming coherent sentences. He prefers to stay silent and expresses what he's thinking in other ways. He is dating Ashton.

Comics: 71
Recent Appearance: CCLXXXIV: So Tart
First Appearance: XI: Silence Becomes Him


Morty's lab-grown catgirl assistant. She's slowly learning about the human world and her place within it.

Comics: 59
Recent Appearance: Urgent Thanksgiving Crisis ("The Baaad Comics" Special)
First Appearance: IX: You Know You'd Make One If You Could


Mild-mannered senior at Attic High. Her genetics project involves A.I.-driven teddy bears with special abilities to help them safeguard children.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: CCLXII: Katsuko VI
First Appearance: XIII: Violence Becomes Him


Founder and principal of Attic High, the leading private science-focused high school in the country. A disgruntled student regressed her to the age of a toddler, but she still has a knack for commanding authority.

Comics: 78
Recent Appearance: CCLVI: Jen IIII
First Appearance: V: The Golden Documentary of Sinbad